Staying home on Sunday morning, that is.

I did that today for the first time in I don’t know how many years. That’s how sick I felt. My darling wife and daughter had to fill in for me as worship leader(s) on a moment’s notice. The morning passed mostly unnoticed by me since I slept forever (like I said, I was sick and tired).

I’m doing much better now, thanks. Better enough so that I’m no longer thinking about calling in sick tomorrow at the PO. It would have been a first time for that too. It would certainly have made my coworkers unhappy that I was calling in sick when my assignment was R5, and on a Monday no less, so I was dreading having to make that call.

My condition has improved enough that I’m having some coffee, which I usually can’t stand the thought of during an illness. The coffee is paired with the best girl scout cookies ever. And I think the headache I was nursing was at least partially due to zero caffeine intake for more than 24 hours. A sad but true consequence of coffee love.