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… hurts!

I don’t know why, but this pain makes it exceedingly uncomfortable to exit a Honda Passport from a position astraddle the shift column and jump to the ground.

Thankfully that only happened about 100 times today.


In other news, I’m not on the schedule for tomorrow. See how carefully I’ve chosen the words in the previous sentence?

Given figure 1.1 below…


figure 1.1**

boss chart

discuss the following.


A. Assuming a current employment situation that is not reflected by the lower left hand quadrant, under which circumstances would you be most likely to seek a different job?

B. Assign percentages to the different quadrants based on the supervisors you have worked for (remember to consider self employment).

C. If you are a boss (that is, if the number of people reporting to you > 1), in which quadrant do you think your employee(s) would place you?

Explain your answers. Give examples where appropriate.


*Based on an actual discussion that just occurred here in the serotoninresidence.

**please excuse the crudity of this model. I didn’t have time to build it to scale or paint it.

By way of Avi‘s latest cuppa link latte comes the I-wish-there-were-twice-as-many-pictures post of the day: web 2.0 workspaces. Notice how they’re all relatively open, in fact most of them are wall-less. The interesting exception is linkedin. I mean, I dig the primary colored kiddie furniture but where are the actual people?

Inspired by this, and in spite of willfully forgetting that we journeyed down this road some time ago, and also since my own web workspace has shifted to a 2.0 version, I thought I’d post a picture of the new one. So…



And yes, the pajamas are a necessary part of the whole 2.0 schtick.

Post yours whydontcha!

There was a 4 alarm fire in downtown today. Nobody hurt or injured, thankfully.

As I neared the end of the my route (7), I could see the pillar of smoke from 6 miles away. Driving back toward town I got a little worried. It looked like the fire may have been quite close to Churchill, Pottstown’s best coffee shop. I called the owner, who happens to be a friend of mine. She said the fire was a block away. Phew.

Here’s a link to a news report with video from a station in nearby Reading, PA. At about 16 seconds in there is footage of the collapse of the dollar store where the fire started.

The guy whose route I was on today lives on King St., around the block from the site of the fire. That street along with High Street is still cordoned off from the 200 thru the 300 block.

 Here’s a better video report.

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Today was one of those days that just would not end. It was made that way by the semicompetence of others.

I set my route up to be easy today because I knew I had a lot to do: get the Teal Tank inspected and its front end aligned, do route 5, get the weekly grocey shopping done (it’s been my job since shortly after we got married), and do some laundry. I have yet to do the laundry and it’s getting close to bed time.

In order to get my car inspected, I needed to make sure I had a mail truck to use. That is something I (thought I) took care of yesterday when I asked the supervisor, “Can I have a truck tomorrow,” and he said, “Yes.” He must have misheard me because this morning (I arrived extra early) his answer had changed to “I don’t know.” He suggested I ask him after 8am. Too late for my wife to give me a ride back to the PO from the mechanic’s garage. Fortunately, my friend Will agreed to provide a ride. Thanks Will!

this is what my case looks like when full of marriage mailWhile I was arranging my transportation, I worked on setting up my route. At the end of the day Wednesday, I cased my marriage mail so as to allow for a quick delivery day on the street. Good thing too! It seems the people who process the mail at our regional distribution center thought I needed 5 boxholders today. A boxholder is a piece of pre-sorted third class business mail that goes to every residential address on the route. There was one at my case when I arrived this morning, and one in my case (the marriage mail). The clerks brought around one more boxholder as I was working. Then they brought another. And wonder of wonders, as I was working my way through a tub of flats, there was another one! This last one was especially heinous as it was machined into a tub despite being letter sized, and wound up getting thrown out of sort order. This was the only one I put in this morning, and it took a while.

After casing a bunch of mail, I left to drop off my car. Will met me at the mechanic’s and drove me back to the post office. I got back at 9am and resumed my casing. I didn’t leave for the route until almost noon, which is pretty late for me nowadays. And running the route took forever. I’m not sure why. I didn’t get back until almost 4. At my case were yet another 2 boxholders! If you’re keeping count, you know that there were a total of five complete sets of bulk business mail sitting at my case. I put two up, which of course took forever because the second one was floppy and didn’t want to go into the slots in my case.

My wife picked me up at 5pm, drove me to the garage where I found out that the inspection was finished (the Teal Tank passed) but not the paperwork, and the mechanic didn’t have time to do the alignment. So I need to go back next week for that. I rushed home, scarfed some dinner and afterward, headed out to the grocery store. Unbelievably, I did not have to wait 20 minutes in the check out line before getting to the register. So there’s that.

See… this day is never going to end. I’d better start my laundry now.

It reminds me of a poster I once say hanging on a colleague’s office wall…

“God put me on this Earth to accomplish a certain number of things, right now I’m so far behind I’ll never die.”

imageWow! It’s so obvious when you think about it. Put the guitar tuner right on the volume knob. What a tremendous idea! And at $100 pretty much nobody will buy one. At least, I won’t.

Thanks to Giz, whose Jason Chen gets it exactly right:

“At $100 it’s also $94 more expensive than the tuner we currently own, so we’re going to have to lose a lot more tuners to justify buying one of these.”

Wouldn’t it be great to add an inline link with an utter? Possible or not?
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Links from the utter which have to be added manually [for now]:
Fire Ant Gazette

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Jim says:

  • Our children will die - but hey, we get to keep our GUNS! 7 hours ago

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