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Playing ketchup…

Last night, Java’s Brewin had another open mic. This one was not as well attended as the first, which was a shame because I thought the music was better and the performers, in general, more entertaining. My first set had three songs: Christmas All Over by Tom Petty (with a little Happy Christmas/War Is Over thrown in), Good People by Jack Johnson, and Keep Me In Your Heart by Warren Zevon. For a later encore, I did We’re Going To Be Friends, the sentimental ditty that opens Napoleon Dynamite, by the White Stripes. People sang along to that one.


My daughter has caught the performing bug. Having attended the open mic last night, she now wants to do a song with me. She’s thinking about Calling All Angels, by Train.


The mail is horrible. The high volume of flats has already fallen off, but the parcels just keep getting worse. Monday will suck. Today however, I was granted a sort of reprieve. I did routes 8 and 9. We used to refer to these routes as “the babies.” The carrier who was assigned to do both of them would be said to be “burping the babies.” As route 8 grew (9 is landlocked, so not a lot of growth possible there) there was talk of diapers and strollers and solid food. Now both 8 and 9 are bigger since the outlets have been partitioned off (back) to 9 temporarily. They still belong to Route 5, but someone in authority grew a brain and realized that it was too much for that route.

What I’m trying to say is that routes 8 and 9 are nowhere near as small as they used to be, but together they’re still not a full sized route. So I had a short day today. Can you say, ‘nap’? I think you can. I couldn’t because I was busy taking one.

And get this! The real sub for R5 is a teacher which is why she can only work on Saturdays, which is why I’m holding the route down and she is not. This also means that she gets a week off from school at Christmas. So, I’m scheduled for three days off this week and she is scheduled for R5. I don’t think I’ll get three days off, but two would be nice. Just in time for the new article assignments that came in yesterday.


After more than a month, I still get Figalwicks pangs.


The nor’easter we were supposed to get has been downgraded to a night and a day of rain, with a windy Monday to follow. No snow. Awesome.


Perhaps this post marks the end of my hiatus. I hope so, but don’t go looking for posts on Monday or Tuesday.


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