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All sorts of funny/semi-snarky quips came into my head as I read this article, but Alzheimer’s is really nothing to joke about, especially if one of your loved ones is afflicted.

Research findings published recently suggest that conscientiousness (self reported) may reduce the likelihood of developing the disease.

Says the article,


People who were highly conscientious — those in the 90th percentile with scores of 40 or higher, had an 89 percent lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than those who ranked in the 10th percentile, with a score of 28 or lower.

The researchers also found that conscientiousness was linked with a slower rate of cognitive decline and a lower risk of mild cognitive impairment, a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease.

The conscientiousness scores were based on respondents’ answers to questions about self control and goal oriented behaviors. The article does not provide any link to the actual study, but here is an abstract. The full text is gonna cost you.

Here’s another, slightly more in-depth article about these findings.

Yet another reason to heed Bill and Ted’s advice: Be excellent to each other.



Wow! This post is getting a lot of hits (a lot for me, double digits on a daily basis). But did you know that there are two more posts in this series, part 2, and also the exciting conclusion! With screenshots!



bloglines v google

Hey feeding buddies,

I’ve started running a side by side comparison of Google Reader, which I have been quite underwhelmed by in the past, and Bloglines which has been my old standby reader pretty much since I became a semi-regular web user and blogger.

Bloglines is my sentimental favorite but lately there’s been less love. It keeps freezing up and needing a manual refresh. And there’s the old problem that some posts from certain feeds don’t show up until they’re a few hours old. Most of the time, who cares about this? But occasionally I would appreciate a more timely turnaround, and bloglines hanging problem is getting more frequent and driving me up the wall.

Google reader has recently been thrown out of the Google Labs nest and is now making its way in the wild. My previous go-rounds with Greader have left me waving my hand dismissively as I clicked back over to Bloglines. It was unweidly, poorly organized, and most importantly gave me a hard time about importing my opml file (exported from bloglines, nach). Can you say ‘non starter?’ I think you can.

But now Greader looks like a contender. Which brings me to the point of my post. Here is what my pal Stephen might refer to as comment bait:


Have you tried either or both Bloglines and/or and what do you think? Do you know of other free, web based* readers that work great and you think I should check out?


Little help?


*Free and web based are essential ingredients. Do not expect your comment about the ‘inexpensive’ hard drive based feed reader you just love to survive (yes Will, this means you). If you want to extol its virtues you may do so on your own blog. Just sayin’.

Jim says:

  • Our children will die - but hey, we get to keep our GUNS! 7 hours ago

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