Spookyrach is perpetuating a “what’s on your desk?” meme. I think it’s a swell meme along the lines of the “here’s a picture of my workspace” quasi-meme from some time ago. That earlier meme is how I found Denise, which was a happy occurrence.

I’m all about participating in the current fun, but I have no desk. Sure, I own a desk; it’s in our “office” but I don’t use it nor do I have anything on it… except a bunch of change, a pen, and two different sets of keys.

So, instead, here is a picture of my portable desk, handmade by my father-in-law.

Clockwise from left*.

Handknit christmas stocking

Inspiron E1505 sitting atop portable desk.

Passat Key for when Post Office calls and I need to run.

Spoon left over from coffee.


Timex watch. I’ve actually gone for over five years without losing this one.

Borders gift card from someone in our church.

CD of pics for my overdue freelance marketing project

Fire Ant Gazette coaster– not autographed.  ðŸ˜¦ 


What’s on your desk?



*Contents of desk may change without notice. Actual crap on desk may vary.